Frequently Asked Questions


What is PlayDapp Tournaments?

  • ‘PlayDapp Tournaments’ is a PvP P2E Hypercasual Game platform. After the tournament ends, rewards are awarded based on the player’s ranking on the leaderboard. We plan on adding 3-4 games every quarter for a total of 40 games

How can I play Tournament games?

  • 1st: Players must have a Polygon wallet like Metamask, WalletConect, Portis, Coinbase & Torus.
  • 2nd: Sign in with your wallet.
  • 3rd: Find a game you want to play and click the “play” button.
  • Players need to use Tournaments Tickets which unlock the P2E features. They can play games without having tickets but will not be able to win PLA rewards.
  • After playing a game, players can check their ranking on the leaderboard.
  • PLA Rewards will be claimed automatically when the tournament is over. The rewards will be sent to the player's Budget according to their ranking.

How can I check the Tournaments Details?

  • When you click the expansion button (v) on the tournament card, you can check the entire reward pool, your ranking, available rewards, and the number of users participating in the tournament.

How can I get the Tickets?


How is the reward pool calculated?

  • Progressive Reward pool
    • The tournament provider, PlayDapp, will set the initial reward pool.
    • The more tickets and gold are used, the higher the reward will be.
  • Rewards will not be increased until a certain number of tickets are used.
  • The reward pool no longer increases when it reaches its maximum.
    • As more users participate in the tournament, the reward range will increase.

What is ‘PLA’? Can I actually win real money?

  • PLA is an ERC-20 resource on the Ethereum network and PlayDapp’s native utility resource and is used to buy, sell, and trade items on the PlayDapp WEB3 Marketplace. You can exchange PLA on all major exchanges, including Binance, Coinbase, and more, and it can be sold for its equal value in fiat currency.

What is the process of verification for tournament rewards?

  • We will verify and validate the tournament results and rewards for up to 24 hours after the tournament ends.
  • You can check all verification processes in the ‘Completed Tournaments’ section. The process has four steps:
    • ‘Checking’: The tournament has ended, and we validate the results for fairness and cheating.
    • ‘Check Verify’: Verification has been successfully completed, and players can claim rewards.
    • ‘Rewarded’: Players have successfully claimed the reward. They can check the payment.
    • ‘Retry :(’ : Players failed to reach the rank which can claim the rewards.

How does the leaderboard work?

There are a total of two leaderboards: the best score and cumulative score. The differences between them are:

  • Best Score: Only the best score achieved by the player is reflected on this leaderboard. If you play multiple times, the highest score from 1 game will be placed on the leaderboard.
  • Cumulative Score: All scores achieved by the user in the tournament they are playing in will be added. There is no limit on the number of plays. Therefore users who use many tickets and achieve high accumulated points will have a higher advantage in receiving more rewards.

[Items of Tournaments]

What is a ‘ticket’?

  • Tickets act as entry tickets that allow users to participate in PLA reward tournaments.
  • The minimum participation unit is 1 ticket which equals 1 play.
  • The PLA reward pool increases according to the number of tickets used in the tournament.
  • You can purchase it from Drops on the PlayDapp Marketplace
  • During the beta period, a separate ‘beta ticket’ is used.

What is PlayDapp Members+ / what are the benefits of Members+ ?

  • PlayDapp Members Web3 Mikey can be set as a profile picture in the PlayDapp ecosystem. Each has a unique appearance, and when setting up a profile, you can receive various benefits provided by PlayDapp from each service. Please read more about these benefits from
  • In the case of PlayDapp tournaments, if you have a PlayDapp Members+ Mikey, stakers will receive 1 tickets every day. In addition, there will be tournament matches exclusive for PlayDapp Members+ Holders, allowing them to earn even more substantial rewards.
  • PlayDapp Members+ Mikey can be purchase at PlayDapp Marketplace: MEMBERS


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